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The Advanced Clinical Sexology Course: Online November 2021 (November 5-7, November 12-14)

This course meets many of the educational requirements to become an AASECT certified sex therapist for a CoAMFTE Marriage and Family Therapist as well as other behavioral health providers, when combined with typical graduate and undergraduate coursework.  Subjects covered include: Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles, health and medical factors in sex therapy, range of sexual functioning from optimal to problematic, cyber-sexuality and social media, substance abuse and sexuality, learning theory and application, professional communication and reflection, history of sex research, research disparity, and theory, education and counseling/therapy, principles of sexuality methods, research and research disparities, sex therapy methods and models, sex related therapy techniques and diagnosis, theory and methods of medical intervention in the evaluation of psychosexual disorders, ethical decision making and clinical case review. Throughout this course a justice framework is applied and students are engaged in conversation and learning concerning diversity, justice, equity, disparities, and inclusion.  6 Days - 46 hours (AASECT) 46CEU - AASECT        $700.00 off, Discounted field growth rate available to folx who hold marginlized identities in the fields of sex therapy, education, and counseling, and express financial need.  INQUIRE/APPLY via [email protected]    15% off for folx who took the 2021 NWIOI SAR. Write [email protected] to get the coupon code. *AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP - WRITE FOR THE SYLLABUS TO BEGIN PRE-COURSE WORK AND PURCHASE TEXTS! [email protected]  Make sure you have the latest syllabus draft.     

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