The Institute that gives clinicians - of all types - the sexual health and sexual bias training they desperately want and need - in a time and cost efficient way. 


High Quality, Time & Cost Efficient, AASECT CEU Sex Therapy Education

Our sexual health training does not waste your time or your money in helping you add certification as a sex therapist or counslor to your toolkit. Our exceptional two-5 day intensives, plus what you completed in graduate training will get you 80-95% of the way toward your certification. We will help you the rest of the way. No need to waste years and thousands of dollars in other programs. 

Most Comprehensively Trained Integrated Clinicians in the Country

Our psychotherapists, pelvic floor PT's, PA's, ARNPs, and MD's are the most comprehensively trained in the country.  In addition to meeting the highest standards in their field, they are additionally trained in sexual health, sexual bias training, collaborative medicine, and spiritual intimacy. For more info: nwioi.com 

Award Winning AASECT Supervision

Our AASECT Certified Supervisors are exceptional. Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD, CSTS was awarded supervisor of the year by the Washington Assn for Marriage and Family Therapy and is one of the authors in the 2019 AASECT Book of the Year, The Art of Sex Therapy Supervision.  She is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and a WA State supervisor as well. For more info: [email protected]

Getting AASECT Certified

Dr. Tina and the other instructors and speakers, blend this wonderful combination of presence, depth, honor, knowledge, and playfulness when it comes to integrating sexuality and intimacy. Sexuality is one doorway to satisfaction, self-development and wholeness. It's a privilege to be working in this field and learning from others who are challenging themselves and becoming more and more alive.

Jamie Abenroth, MA, CST

NWIOI Courses

The Advanced Clinical Sexology Training is an essential course that strings together all of the complexities of the study of human sexuality. The course was well organized and I gained a lot of knowledge that will inform my clinical practice.  Fiona O'Farrell, MS, CST

Has Your Time Come for Sex Therapy Training or to Find that Great Clinician?

Don't put this off any longer. If you are a clinician seeking this training, trust me, you will love learnng this material! You will find your confidence and competence grow exponentially, and consequentially, you will become in high demand. If you are someone who could use a truly competent therapist, pelvic floor PT or doctor, don't wait any longer. We have a referral for you! Your time for healing is now!


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